Tips for Buying a Bong

Newbies find it challenging to buy their first bong. However, this is not only something newbies have to suffer through because even the experienced cannabis users might find themselves lost as to what they should buy. There are many designs which means walking into the headshop without a clear knowledge of what you should be buying is not going to make the choice any easier. Therefore, you should know the factors you need to consider. Make sure you know the style you prefer. The main types you will encounter are the recyclers, beaker bongs and the straight tubes. Visit  Brothers With Glass to learn more.

The glass thickness is something you do not want to compromise on too. This is what decides how long the bong will last. The thicker ones are more durable. However, consider the environment you will be using it in. If you are the only one who will be using it and you can manage to keep in a room where no harm will befall it then you can choose even the thin ones and they will serve you for long. However, if you will be sharing it with friends who are clumsy you need the thickest one so that it will not be a purchase you will have to repeat every week. 5-7mm thick bongs are hard to crack and you will have nothing to worry about when using them.

You also have to figure out the percolators to go for. This is a hot discussion and there isn't an answer that can be said to be the winner. You need to think about the smoothness the percolator offers from filtration, and also the amount of drag you will get when pulling the cannabis smoke through the holes. They tend to be tiny which means you might have to use a lot of effort. If you are a newbie smoke, it is not a must for you to have a percolator but you can go ahead and buy one if you think it is necessary. You should not choose bongs which come with many percolators because clearing the chamber will be a difficult task. Check this bongs from  Brothers With Glass for better options.

You should also consider the ease of cleaning your bong before making the final choice. You do not want to be smoking from a dirty bong because you cannot seem to get all the dirt out. Just because you are smoking does not mean you should not take hygiene seriously. Read this article about bongs: